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Cashology® by FNBO - The Podcast

    Podcast Host Juli Wians
    Cashology® by FNBO

    Cashology is FNBO's online community for personal finance topics and questions. If you're looking to save more, budget effectively or make better money decisions, we're here to listen and provide guidance.

    Meet Our Host
    Juli Wians is a millennial living in Omaha, Nebraska eager to strengthen her financial health alongside you. Juli has worked at FNBO for over seven years and is currently an Integrated Marketing Manager. She received her bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Business Intelligence & Analytics from Creighton University and is currently pursuing her Masters of Business Administration at University of Nebraska-Omaha. When she isn’t recording the Cashology podcast, you can find her tenaciously baking macarons, performing improv comedy, or attempting to grow a green thumb in her patio garden.

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    Important Financial Considerations when setting up your small business

    Episode 18: Important Financial Considerations When Setting Up Your Small Business:

    Before we start off on today’s episode, a joke: why did the doughnut maker retire? He was fed up with the hole business. Starting a successful business involves many considerations — but none more important than examining your financial situation. Welcome (and thanks for listening today) to the Cashology® podcast, hosted by your guide on the path to financial savvy, Juli Wians.

    Meet Our Guest
    Kim Preheim started his banking career in 1997 and has held several positions during that time, all with FNBO. In 2011, he joined the Business Banking team, spending several years helping business owners utilize the products and services the Bank for maximum benefit. In 2016, he became a Small Business Banker, taking the belief that small businesses are the lifeblood of local economies and applying the passion he has to support them, to assist in their growth and development.

    Taking control of your auto purchase

    Episode 17: Take the Wheel - Staying in Control of Your Auto Purchase:

    In spite of all the new ways we can buy cars these days, it’s still easy to pay too much. Getting a good deal comes down to doing your research, comparison shopping, deal making and being willing to walk away. Whatever you do, don’t just drop by a dealer without knowing exactly what you’re going for. Be smart. Listen to this episode, today.

    Meet Our Guest
    Jose Ceballos has been with the Bank since December of 2013. He started off as a teller at the 24th and Oak branch. Soon after he ventured into learning more about the Bank so he took an opportunity in a different department as a Sr. Customer Care Specialist. During his time on the Customer Care Team, he learned an amazing trait needed in his customer care role, “Empathy” along with tons of knowledge about FNBO as a whole. Little did he know that this was a trait that would help him in his next position – a Universal Banker at the 24th and Oak branch. He soaked up as much knowledge as possible during his time as a Universal Banking – 4 years. You can now find Jose at our 50th and Ames location, as a Personal Banker.

    Pay Yourself First

    Episode 16: Pay Yourself First:

    If you’re struggling to save, you’re not alone. Three quarters of us save 10% or less of our monthly paycheck and the rest of us don’t save anything at all. Asked why, most people will point to the high cost of living – saying that recurring bills and expenses eat up most of their paycheck.

    But a “pay yourself first” approach can help you build your savings and get you on the road to following a budget.

    Meet Our Guest
    Melissa Martin began working with FNBO in June of 2018 as a Sr. Specialist of Customer Care, helping our credit card customers with all their questions and servicing needs. Her career with FNBO has provided opportunities to grow and learn in multiple roles, including her present position as a Customer Care, Personal Banker. As a Personal Banker, she enjoys the opportunity to assist our customers as a partner, ready to help achieve their financial goals. Melissa has a bachelor’s degree in Biology and is currently working toward an associate degree in Business and Finance. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband, her two boys, and their four fun-loving rescue dogs!

    Extra paycheck month

    Episode 15: Extra Paycheck Month - Making the Most of Your Money:

    The extra paycheck month. Oh, those are nice months. They help you catch up a little bit. Maybe pay off a bill or put a little extra away in savings. Or splurge on something you want. But how can you make the most of your money, all year round, so that you’re not waiting on that extra paycheck to make things right?

    How can we build our personal wealth? That’s the question for today. Tune in now.

    Meet Our Guest
    Michaela Dombrowski has been with FNBO for 11 years working in various roles on the Retail side including; Teller, Personal Banker, and most recently as Branch Manager of our 168th/204th and Maple locations! Michaela has a 10 year old son and 2 large breed dogs, one of which is a senior dog- so she really does understand the importance of using those extra paycheck months to plan ahead for future unexpected expenses!

    Credit Card 101

    Episode 14: Credit Card 101:

    Credit cards. Convenient, for sure. And a quick way to build good credit, if you use them wisely and pay your credit card bill on time every month. And that’s what we want to talk about today. Understanding credit cards, picking a good one for the way you want to use it and managing it . . . rather than letting it manage you.

    We’re calling this Credit Card 101. And it’s a great topic for anyone starting out with credit cards or who just wants to learn how to better manage the cards they have.

    Meet Our Guest
    Dustin Elkins began working with FNBO in November of 2019 as a Sr. Specialist of Customer Care. He helped our credit card customers with all of their questions and servicing needs. He recently stepped into a Customer Care, Personal Banker job where he assists our customers with lending and credit questions over the phone and now has the opportunity in branch helping our customers in person! Dustin love to help our customers navigate credit as it can be scary. He is currently piloting a wealth management specialist program with 15 other bankers to earn a WMS certification. In his free time he enjoys hiking, gardening and spending time with his fiancé, Pablo, who also works at the bank.

    Quarter back your finances

    Episode 13: Quarterback of Your Finances:

    The term financial planning quarterback – it has become a bit cliché. Sometimes it refers to having a financial advisor as your financial planning quarterback. Sometimes, and this seems to be growing in popularity, it refers to how you can be the quarterback of your own finances.

    And that’s what we want to talk about today. If you want to be the quarterback of your finances, what do you need to do?

    We’re going to take a look at four healthy financial habits to start practicing now – controlling spending, saving regularly, building credit and saving for retirement.

    Meet Our Guest
    Samantha Horn is a mom of a one year old boy, who spends all of her time with when not at work. Samantha began her career at FNBO at the Longs Peak branch in September of 2019 as a teller until October of 2020, when she became a Personal Banker. Samantha's favorite thing is to assist those who are young and need help learning about credit and financial planning or have had some rough patches and need a hand out of a hole they’re in.

    Money management

    Episode 12: Money Management in Your 20's

    It’s never too soon to build good habits around money and, while your 20's may seem like the time to have fun and too early to get serious about things like retirement, the habits you develop now can have long-lasting impact on your quality of life and financial freedom.

    We’re going to take a look at four healthy financial habits to start practicing now – controlling spending, saving regularly, building credit and saving for retirement.

    Meet Our Guest
    Megan Aldinger started her career at FNBO back in 2008 as a teller. She has worked at multiple locations in the Omaha market and have held every position in the branch. She is currently the branch manager at the 50th & G location. She loves being able to help our customers with their financial wealth as well as help develop and coach our employees. She is currently getting her bachelors degree in Business Management from Bellevue University. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with friends and family and trying new food spots around town. She also enjoy cheering on the Huskers, the Cubs, the Bulls and the Bears!

    Jen Ammerman

    Episode 11: Dreaming of a Home Improvement Project

    Home improvement projects – they can add real value to your home. But more than that they can help you fall in love with your home all over again. Remodeling the kitchen or adding a bathroom are some common home improvement dreams. Things like energy efficient windows or insulation sound boring but can add a lot of value, too.

    The question is how do you pay for them? That’s what we’re going to talk about today.

    Meet Our Guest
    Jen Ammerman has been with FNBO since 2004 and moved into construction and mortgage lending in 2015. Jen has a background in Special Assets (foreclosures and collections), and is familiar with both sides of the financial coin which brings some interesting perspective to her current position.

    Jen is a Colorado native and currently lives in Wellington, CO with her husband and her youngest daughter who is in currently in her junior year at CSU. Jen and her husband have three beautiful girls and two grand-girls (7 and 11). When Jen isn't at work, you can find her working out, golfing, camping or paddle-boarding, really enjoying anything and everything around water.

    Keeping money safe online

    Episode 10: Keeping Your Money Safe Online

    People are doing everything online these days – staying in touch with friends, checking the news, shopping and banking. Our money, like so many other aspects of our lives, is now mobile. Today, consumers shop more on their phone than they do in-store. And nearly three-quarters of consumers bank online and/or use mobile banking apps.

    So how do we keep our money safe online? That’s the question for today.

    Meet Our Guest
    Jeffrey C. Weeks has been with First National of Nebraska, Inc. (FNN) for 22 years and is currently the Senior Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer responsible for FNN holding company Information Security. The executive leadership and oversight provided by Jeff in the development, management and execution of information security for First National of Nebraska, Inc. ensures the company’s ability to posture and protect all private, personal information, and assets of the company’s clients, employees and business partners. Jeff served in the United States Army active duty assigned to the XVIII Airborne Corps, in support of the 7th Special Forces Group. Jeff is a member of FS-ISAC (Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center), PPISC (Payments Processor Information Sharing Council), MBCA Advisory Board (Mid-Size Bank Coalition of America), and multiple advisory boards.

    Barbara Rizvi

    Episode 9: Will You Be Financially Ready to Retire?

    Retirement – it’s the finish line to your long career. It also marks the beginning of more leisure time to be spent on hobbies, with family and friends and fulfilling life-long dreams. When you retire is not only determined by physical and mental readiness, but financial readiness too. Without the latter, a long anticipated retirement could be short-lived. Tune in now for some simple tips that will help ensure you reach your retirement goals and enjoy your golden years.

    Meet Our Guest

    Barbara Rizvi is a Financial Planner with the Private Client Advisory and Financial Planning teams within the Wealth Management group at First National Bank. She specializes in providing comprehensive and personalized financial planning that incorporates investment, retirement, tax, protection and estate planning strategies.

    Barbara earned her Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance from Texas Christian University. She spent 20 years of her career in corporate finance before deciding to pursue a more rewarding path of financial planning for individuals.

    Family time is spent exploring the world with her husband, keeping up with their teenage boys, and trying to teach their Brittany that squirrels are not the enemy.

    Jen Benson and Barry Benson

    Episode 8: Managing Finances in a Marriage

    No matter how much you love your spouse, trying to merge your lives—and your money—can be a bumpy ride. However, approaching this conversation with honesty and transparency can help you get started on the right foot. Tune in now!

    Barry and Jennifer have been married for over 20 years after first meeting at a bank in Lincoln, Nebraska. They enjoy giving back to the community and are involved in numerous non-profit boards. They have three teenage children so there is never a dull or quiet moment in their house!

    Meet Our Guests

    Jennifer Benson is a Vice President for Wealth Management. She leads the financial advisors across the bank and is dedicated to helping customers build their financial wellness. She brings a great depth of experience in building and maintaining Wealth Management client relationships by delivering a high level of customer service and going the extra mile to increase customer satisfaction.

    Barry Benson has been involved in production agriculture his entire life. In addition to his banking career, he and Jennifer own a small farm and have a commercial cow/calf operation. Barry has been with FNBO for 21 years and has held various roles including senior credit officer and Fremont market president before recently joining the Agribusiness team as a Sr. Director.

    Josh Huseman guest speaker

    Episode 7: Choosing a Financial Advisor

    What is a financial advisor exactly? What do they do? And should you be working with one? Those are some of the questions we’ll be tackling in this episode. Keep in mind, there’s a financial advisor available for every budget and financial situation. You don’t have to have a ton of money to be working with one. Tune in now!

    Meet Our Guest

    Josh Huseman is a Sr. Director on the Busines Owner Advisory Services team. He is uniquely suited for this role having spent his entire career working for and with family businesses and being a discerning observer of their decisions. Josh has years of experience leading groups through complex issues and advising families in collaborative decision making. He also has first-hand experience having worked on job sites with three generations of his own family, collecting generational stories, and curating family value discussions within his own family.

    Improving your credit score

    Episode 6: Understanding, Managing and Improving Your Credit Score

    Let’s talk CREDIT SCORES. Is the number just pulled out of the sky by banks? Take a listen to the Cashology Podcast: Understanding, Managing and Improving Your Credit Score to see what you can do to stay on top of it. Tune in now!

    Meet Our Guest

    Wes Minton began his career baking, not banking. You read that right. But has since worked as a Personal Banker for FNBO for the past 8 years where he assists customers with all of their financial needs, from checking to savings to loans. He still uses his baking talents to whip up delicious treats for his family, friends and co-workers, and even won the 2019 Annual Chili Cookoff for the Omaha Area Board of Realtors. While not banking and baking, Wes enjoys hanging with his cats, Pearl and Onyx, and camping and hiking in Colorado. Wes is passionate about helping customers and educating them on the importance of credit scores.

    Holiday spending

    Episode 5: Holiday Spending and Saving

    Put on those holiday sweaters, festive socks, and have some hot chocolate by the fire, because today we're talking about holiday spending and saving. Tune in now!

    Meet Our Guest

    David Erlbacher - Originally from Fort Worth, TX, David migrated to the Midwest and attended Creighton University where he studied Finance. Since 2008, he has held roles in FNBO’s branches in Omaha and Kansas City from Teller to Branch Manager. Today, David manages two branches in Overland Park where he gets to lead an awesome team and work directly with customers – it’s the best of both worlds! In his free time, David can be found outdoors, traveling and watching Creighton basketball.

    The cost of pet ownership

    Episode 4: Cost of Pet Ownership - Can You Afford a Pet?

    Is it expensive to adopt or purchase a pet? Juli asks about all that’s involved with pets and mentions how quickly a home can be taken over by all the crazy accessories. We jump back on task with the expense discussion. Tune in now!

    Meet Our Guest

    Pam Weise began her career in television as an anchor and reporter afor the tiny KREX-TV in Grand Junction, Colorado. After five years in Colorado she moved to Kearney, Nebraska for another five-year stint at KHGI (NTV). As is typical in broadcasting there was another move, this time to Omaha, Nebraska to work for KPTM Fox 42. While in Omaha, the local shelter, Nebraska Humane Socety (NHS) called Pam looking for someone who had “been on the other side” to work with the media and promote the shelter…it was a right place right time situation. Eighteen years later, Pam is still working with NHS as Vice President of Marketing and PR, and is blessed to be doing a job she loves. Pam is married to Jeff Bundy, whom she met while working at KPTM. They currently have four dogs: River, Rocks, Sky and Minnie.

    Budgeting 50/20/30

    Episode 3: 50/20/30 Budgeting

    In this episode you will learn what the 50/20/30 rule is and why it is important to keep to these percentages. Following this rule helps you stick to your budget and reach your goals. It gets you mentally prepared for the month so you don’t have any surprises in your spending. Tune in now!

    Meet Our Guest

    Jamie Urban began her career at FNBO in 1999 where she worked as a teller for two years. Since then, she’s held various marketing communications roles supporting multiple customer and product segments including Retail, Credit Card, Wealth Management, Corporate Lending, and Community Development. This diverse work experience, combined with invaluable personal experience, paved the way for Jamie’s current role as a Content Creator on FNBO’s Social Media and Content Marketing team. In her role, Jamie helps guide individuals along their path to financial wellness by writing Cashology blog articles which provide financial tips related to budgeting, saving, managing credit and more. When she’s not busy writing, Jamie enjoys reading a good book, cooking a tasty meal and spending time with her husband and two children.

    Refinancing your mrotgage

    Episode 2: What is Mortgage Refinancing, and When is the Right Time?

    You’re throwing your money away! (Do we have your attention now?) Well, you could be–if you haven’t looked at refinancing your mortgage in a looooooong time. This episode will walk you through refinancing, and some things to consider or ask your lender when that time comes. Tune in now!

    Meet Our Guest

    Brad Dombrosky entered the mortgage business in 2002, and since then, he has held roles including loan officer, branch manager, vice president of sales and operations, as well as co-owner of a mortgage subsidiary for a state chartered bank. He returned to loan originating in 2010, when he discovered he missed working directly with clients. He has been a top producer for FNBO for five years running. Other than spending time with his wife and four kids, he enjoy going to the gym before work and coaching his kids’ football teams. Go Huskers!

    Emergency Savings

    Episode 1: Money 101 - Emergency Savings

    Think of me and our guest today as the ambulance driver delivering much-needed tips for that emergency savings fund of yours. This podcast will walk you through some of the basics of building an emergency savings fund. Tune in now!

    Meet Our Guest

    Adam Heng has been with FNBO for 15 years. Throughout that time he has held a broad range of roles cutting his teeth in credit card product management and Co-Brand credit card partnerships while more recently focusing on Retail banking where he was responsible for the consumer deposit and loan portfolio. Adam is now FNBO’s Director of Product Development and Design where he is applying a customer led lens to new products and services aimed at accomplishing top business priorities through solving customers’ largest needs. Adam is a graduate of Creighton University and lives in Elkhorn, NE with his wife Brianne of 17 years and two kids Jackson (9) and Addyson (5).