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Integrity. Respect. Passion.

First National Bank Tower headquarters

What We Believe

At First National Bank of Omaha, we like to think of ourselves as a “great big, small bank,” large enough to provide the expertise and resources necessary to handle any financial need, yet small enough to know you personally. With more than 100 locations in Nebraska, Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, South Dakota, Texas and Wyoming, we help our customers and communities to succeed by focusing on building relationships at a local level.

Meet Our Team

First National Bank of Omaha is proud to have an executive management team who understands that our customers’ success is the key to our success. While each member of the executive team brings a unique background and set of experiences, their shared commitment to excellence in personal service and performance sets the standard that we follow every day.

  • Clark D. Lauritzen | Chairman and President, First National Bank of Omaha
  • Michael A. Summers | Executive Vice President, Buildings and Finance, Chief Financial Officer
  • Nicholas W. Baxter | Executive Vice President, Chief Risk Officer
  • Michael S. Foutch | Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer
  • Jerry J. O'Flanagan | Executive Vice President, Partner Customer Segment
  • David E. Cota | Executive Vice President, Business Customer Segment
  • Sean B. Baker | Executive Vice President, Individual Customer Segment
  • Jeff A. Sims | Executive Vice President, Chief Credit Officer
  • Jesse A. Sullivan | Senior Vice President, Corporate Audit Services

"The spirit of teamwork has remained a key ingredient of First National's formula for success for more than 165 years."

Bruce R. Lauritzen | Chairman Emeritus, First National of Nebraska
A horse and carriage statue

Board of Directors

Every director at First National Bank of Omaha brings to the organization a commitment to excellence and a proven track record of success in the financial industry. More importantly, however, each also brings an unwavering commitment to customer service. The names may change over the years, but the ideals of those leading First National Bank remain the same: to provide quality products and superior customer service.

  • Sean B. Baker
  • Nicholas W. Baxter
  • Amy J. Bouchard
  • Bradley J. Brummund
  • Kenneth J. Bunnell
  • Anthony R. Cerasoli
  • David E. Cota, Jr.
  • Brenda L. Dooley
  • Michael S. Foutch
  • Jianqiang Hao
  • Mihaela Kobjerowski
  • Clarkson D. Lauritzen
  • Laura E. Nelson
  • Maureen M. O’Connor
  • Jerry J. O’Flanagan
  • Jeffrey A. Sims
  • Scott A. Smith
  • Matthew S. Spyers
  • Michael A. Summers
  • Tammy Trilli
  • Jeffrey C. Weeks
  • Kimberly S. Weiss
  • Katrina L. Wells
  • Kimberly M. Whittaker
  • Rob M. Wilcox