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    Stronger Together

    Unprecedented. We’ve heard that term used a lot lately as all of us, around the world, work to overcome this pandemic. What gives me hope in these unprecedented times is that the people and communities we serve, as well as our company and generations of my family, have dealt with crises like these before – also considered unprecedented – and won.

    In the 162 years that First National Bank of Omaha has been in business, America has endured financial hardship, pandemics, civil strife and wars and always emerged stronger. This time will be no different. Today, we see people coming together, making sacrifices, living in ways they’ve never had to before and, though separated for safety, joining as one to defeat this threat.

    The same is true at FNBO. We are most definitely open for business, backed by years of rock solid performance. Our employees are discovering new ways of working, taking on different roles to help co-workers in need and launching new programs and services that will allow us to continue to serve our customers and communities best during these challenging times. For example, nearly all of our 4,000 employees are now working from home and those that can’t, because of the nature of their jobs, are following safe distancing guidelines, all to help prevent the spread of the virus. We also quickly ramped up our loan processing and approval capabilities to meet the incredible demand for small business relief through the federal government’s Paycheck Protection Program and have processed an astonishing $755 million in loan requests. You can count on us to translate what we learn from this crisis to an improved customer experience across all of our service areas.

    We’re striving to meet your immediate needs by modifying terms and deferring payments where possible, and are dedicating $1 million of our philanthropic contributions this year to organizations providing critical help in the area of housing stability and workforce development.

    When this is over, we will be stronger. Our customers and communities will be stronger. Life will surely not be the same, especially in the short term, but we will find ways to make it better. Through it all, I promise on behalf of everyone at FNBO that we will continue to serve your financial needs to the best of our abilities while providing the support our communities need to thrive.

    Thank you for being our customer.

    Clark D. Lauritzen
    Chairman and President