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Tributary Funds

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Tributary Funds Tailored to Your Needs

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The Tributary Funds are a family of mutual funds advised by Tributary Capital Management, a First National Bank company. In our twenty year history, the Tributary Funds have grown and adapted to keep pace with the changing needs of our shareholders. We offer a range of mutual funds available to individuals and institutions.

The Tributary Fund’s approach money management by focusing on our overarching investment goal to provide above average long term returns with below average risk.

Tributary Funds benefits:

  • 6 different mutual funds, including domestic equity, fixed income and balanced strategies
  • Low initial account minimums of $1,000
  • Simple, automatic investment options for as little as $50 a month
  • Freedom to create a portfolio tailored to your financial objectives, timetable and investment risk preference
  • Ownership by a family-owned institution that has been in the community for over 150 years

3 simple ways to invest:

  • Visit to open an account direct
  • Through an Advisor with First National Bank Wealth Management or First Investments & Planning
  • Through a financial intermediary, such as TD Ameritrade, Schwab, Pershing or Fidelity
Find Tributary Solutions

Tributary Products

Balanced Fund (FOBAX)

Allocation 50% - 70% Equity Funds

Small Company Fund (FOSCX)

Small Blend Funds

Small/Mid Cap Fund (FSMCX)

Small Blend Funds

Income Fund (FOINX)

Intermediate-term Bond Funds

Short-Intermediate Bond Fund (FOSIX)

Short-term Bond Funds

Nebraska Tax-free Fund (FONPX)

Muni Single State Intermediate Funds

For more information, please visit or call Investor Services at (800) 662-4203.

Before investing, please read the Fund's prospectus and shareholder reports to learn about its investment strategy and potential risks. Mutual Fund investing involves risk including loss of principal. An investor should also consider the Fund's investment objective, charges, expenses, and risk carefully before investing. This and other information about the Fund is contained in the fund's prospectus, which can be obtained by calling 800-662-4203 or by visiting Please read the prospectus carefully before investing. Distributed by Northern Lights Distributors, LLC, member FINRA. Northern Lights and the Fund's Advisor, Tributary Capital Management, are not affiliated.